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Monday 12 March 2012

OracleBI Scheduler Configuration

In this post We will learn how to configure Job Manager for iBots using Oracle BI Scheduler. To start the OracleBI Scheduler service we have to run the SAJOBS.sql script file from the folder C:\OracleBI\Server\Schema\SAJOBS.sql. Please run the corresponding SQL script in your current running database schema according to your database. For e.g. If you are using oracle as your data source then run SAJOBS.Oracle.sql file.
By successfully running this script file, we will get the following four table in your schema.
Once the above table are created in your schema, import those into your physical layer of the Administration Tool.
Next go Manage->Select Job -> The Job Manager window will open. From Job Manage window select File -> Go to Scheduler Configuration.
You will get the screen like below picture:

Give all the inputs in the corresponding fields and go to General table. There we have to give User Name and Password of the current running rpd.
Now We are ready to run the scheduler service. Start the "OracleBI Scheduler" from oracle BI Services. After started the Scheduler service come to the Job Manager Window and select "Open Scheduler Connection" and give the current running rpd Administrator user name and password.

Once we give the User Name and Password, Job Manager window will be opened. There we can see current running Jobs, status, begin time, end time and etc.,
The screen is like below:

Now we can login into the presentation Services and can schedule the existing saved request or we can create new saved request and can schedule the same in oracle BI Delivers by creating iBots.

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