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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Deploying RPD and Catalog in BI 11g

In OBIEE 10g the current running rpd and catalog files are configured in two files called NQSConfig.ini and instanceconfig.xml respectively. So If we want to change the current running rpd and catalog in OBIEE 10g we are opening the file and we are changing the rpd name and catalog name into these files. But in OBIEE 11g these things are controlled by Enterprise Manager (EM).

Locations of Repository and Catalog in BI 11g:
We can get the rpd and catalog which we have developed from below folders.
RPD Location Path:
Catalog Location Path:
OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent \coreapplication_obips1\catalog

Login into EM entering link like below in your browser address bar:

Once we logged into EM, Go to Business Intelligence from left side pane and select 'core application'. Select repository from right side pane.

Go to 'Deployment' tab -> select 'Repository' tab -> click on 'Lock and Edit' option.

We are getting the below screen and the number shows
1. It tells the current running repository
2. This says the current running catalog
3. 'Lock and Edit Configuration' enables the Screen to change the repository  
    and catalog.
Once we clicked 'Lock and Edit Configuration' we will get the confirmation message like below screen. Click 'Close' with the screen.
So In the next screen we are having the options to select repository and catalog which we want to deploy. After you selected the rpd and catalog click apply and click Activate Changes. The screenshot is like below:
The number indicates in the images are:
1. The place to choose the repository 
2. The place to change the catalog 
3. 'Apply' button after modification
4. 'Activate Changes' to change the rpd and catalog 
5. 'Release Configuration' Which revert the page to old state
Choose the repository from the location and enter the repository password and change the catalog name which we need to change.
Note: Do not forget to click 'Apply' button to save the changes and after that          Click 'Activate Changes'
Once we clicked 'Activate Changes' with the above screen , Activation process will be started and it will show the below screen.
After process is over, It will show the confirmation window like below screen. Just click 'Close'
Once the changes has been activated, It will ask for the 'Restart to apply recent changes'. Click 'Restart to apply changes'
Once we Clicked 'Restart to apply recent changes' It will come to the below screen. Click 'Restart' to restart all the BI Services. Once the services is successfully restarted The repository and catalog is updated. 
Now open Administration Tool and Presentation Services to check the changes.

Deploying RPD and Catalog in OBIEE 10g:
Deploying repository and catalog in 10g is very simple than 11g. 

To deploy repository:
Go to the path Drive:<BIHome>\OracleBI\server\Config and open 'NQSConfig.INI' file in an editor and change the repository name with which repository you want to deploy and save and close the file.
After we changed the repository name in INI file, we need to Restart the 'Oracle BI Server' Service.

To deploy Catalog:
Go the path Drive:<BIHOE>\OracleBIData\web\config and open 'instanceconfig.xml' file in an editor and change the catalog name with which catalog you want to open with presentation services and save the file and close.
After we changed the name in the xml file, we need to restart the 'Oracle BI Presentation server' Service.
Now Login into Administration Tool and Presentation Services to check the changes.
Simple Right...!

Happy Blogging,


  1. For every RPD in business layer we have to create hierarchy?.

  2. Thanks a lot for a very nice blog

  3. sir i have number of rpd's please me the way how to update to 11g from 10g

  4. Does that mean that when you install OBIEE 11g, it comes with EM now? Can we still use the steps in 10g to deploy rpd and webcatalog for 11g?

  5. HI ,

    I want to migrate rpd and catalog from one server to another. Please help me with this.

  6. Hi,Can we use the same RPD file for both Test and PROD servers?

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