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Monday 31 August 2020

Installing JDK-8u271in Windows

 Here is step by step by Guide for JDK Version 271. Download JDK from This Link

jdk-8u271-windows-x64.exe file will be downloaded. Just double click the download .exe file to start the Java Installation. When It prompt for permission, just click 'Allow' to start the installation.

Installer will start the Installation with the below screen. Just Click 'Next'

Installer is preparing the installation
Here is the actual first step of Installation starts.  If you are having your own directory to install Java then click 'Change' and choose the directory. Otherwise Just click 'Next'
Then JDK 8 installation is extracting to install
With the below screen, Again you could change the destination folder where Java should be installed. If you do not want to change the default folder, then Just click 'Next'
Installer window will progress and took few few minutes to complete the installation.
Once It is installed successfully, screen will prompt the below screen. Just click 'Close' to complete the installation.

You can confirm the version installed in our windows by running the "java -version" in command prompt.



Thursday 6 August 2020

OAS (Oracle Analytics Server) and OAC - The Next Gen OBIEE is Here

After OBIEE 12c release, Oracle is keenly looking for cloud solutions and released OAS and OAC.

OAS is more like a in-place installation OBIEE Version which is available for download and can be installed in in-place servers or cloud server.

Otherwise, We could go for Oracle based Cloud version (OAC) of OBIEE.

Here is you can download OAS:

Step by step guide by Rittman-Mead:

Here is a Oracle Blog for OAS Installation;

Saturday 1 August 2020

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) is available for Download

Oracle has released the latest version of OBIA - Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Applications

What's New:

BI Applications with OBIEE 12c

ODI 12c

Look Oracle Blog Here for More Details

Upgrade Overview



Oracle Database 12c Step by Step Installation in Windows.

With this post, I am sharing oracle database 12c Release 2 installation in windows. I have downloaded Oracle Database 12c software which is around 2.8GB from oracle Site.

File Name: winx64_12201_database

Extract the software zip file and go to the extracted folder and double click on setup.exe file to start the DB installation.

Oracle Universal Installer checks the system prerequisite and will start the installation window. 

Uncheck 'My oracle Support' and click 'Next'
When it prompts the below window, Click 'Yes'
Select 'Create and configure a database' and click 'Next'
I have selected 'Server class' and clicked 'Next'.
Since I want to check all the feature of this database 12c, I installed with 'Server Class'. We could go with 'Desktop Class' which is light and easy. Server class is heavy and takes 6 GB disk space.
Select 'Single instance database installation' and click 'Next'
Select 'Typical Install' and click 'Next'
Select the Oracle Base folder if you have your folder to install Oracle DB 12c. I have 'DB12c' in D drive. If we select the base path, all the other path will be loaded automatically.

In this step, enter database password and remember it.

Check 'Create as container Database' and Keep pluggable DB. because pluggable DB is required for all our RCU installation required for OBIEE later.

Finally Click 'Next'
Installer will run the prerequisite checks..
With this step, We could save the response file which could be used to silent install for other environments.
Click 'Install'
It would take some time to complete the installation. 
Oracle DB installation is in progress....
Oracle DB 12c is successfully installed. Just click 'Close' to complete the installation.

Now check all the services and connect to DB. Ready to rock an roll :)

Cheers! Bose

What is Oracle Database Link and How to create database link (DB Link)

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