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Tuesday 6 March 2012

OBIEE Best Practices in Presentation Layer

 1. Catalog should map to one Business Model & Mapping Layer (BMM) Layer objects only.
 2. Use Parent Folders and Sub folders to group Facts and similar Dimensions together.
 3. Avoid the use of Aliases when a new Presentation Column is created.
 4. The Presentation Columns in a table should be sorted alphabetically if no specific order is 
     asked by the customer.
 5. Get Customer Sign-off of the Presentation layer structure before building reports. This 
       will avoid later replacements of columns which affects the reports constructed.
 6. Make proper use of the Permissions in this layer
 7. Don’t use Double quotes (“) in Column name, though its permitted
 8. Presentation columns should not have the same name as Presentation Table.
 9. Eliminate unneeded objects to reduce user confusion
10. Limit Number of objects in folder to 7-12
11. Use Object  description field to convey information to users when they hover the mouse 
      in Answers on a Presentation column.
12. Keep names short to have space on reports
13. Give the meaning table names and columns names to identify easily on subject areas
14. Try to create separate folder for each data mart (HR, Operation, SCM, sales) if it is coming 
      from same Business Model & Mapping Layer.
15. Remove primary key columns and other unnecessary columns that doesn't going to use in 
      the creation of the reports.

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