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Thursday 2 February 2012

OBIEE 10g & 11g - Print PDF Options

Both OBIEE 10g and 11g, We are having an option to print the reports in the PDF format. It is having various flexible options to show with the printed PDF report. This PDF Print option is available in two place.

This options is used to do various formatting with the printable PDF Reports such as,
* We can add Header in PDF Reports
* We can add footer in PDF Reports
* We can add various information like username, image, data, time and custom description 
  in the PDF report

To Add this option we can add for a separate separate or whole dashboard page.
1. In Each Saved Requests/Analysis Results -> This allows us to do formatting for each 
2. In Dash Properties window -> This allows to do formatting the pdf format for the whole 

The properties are same with the both version except slight name changes in the options. Just look at the screen shot of 10g and come to below 11g screen shots to know how to work with this options.

Refer the below screenshot to see the 'PDF and Print Control' Option in OBIEE 10g.

OBIEE 10g Dashboard Properties
OBIEE 10g 'Print PDF' for the whole page. (This option is available in Lower-Left side corner of Each Dashboard Page)
11g PDF Control:
In Results Tab, click on 'Print Control' which will shows an pop-up window to add the page settings for the printable pdf
With the below Page settings we can add Page Setting, Orientation, header, footer and etc.,
Changed the paper size to A4 and Paper Orientation to 'Landscape'
Check the option 'Include Header' and click Edit button which is available beside that check option and add what you to add.
Here 'Insert Field' allows us to add information such as Date, Time, Author Name and etc., We can just click on that button and can add the option which we want and where we want in the pdf option. 
In below screenshot I have added the username (@{authorName}) who is running this report and Header of the report is Samplesales and click 'OK'
Now check the 'Include Header' and Edit the footer option. I have added DataCreated, Custom Description and Time created
Now Click 'OK' with the above screen and Print the report in 'PDF'. We can see the samplesales header in the middle and username in the right side upper corner of pdf report.
If we want to print a dashboard page in PDF then 'Edit Dashboard' and click 'PDF and Print Properties'. User below screen for reference
Just I have added some text and option with the options and saved the dashboard page and printed that page to pdf.
See the output.


Wednesday 1 February 2012

Start & Stop BI Services in Command Prompt

Most of the time to start or stop the services we are going to services window and doing stopping, starting or restarting the BI Services. But we can start any services from command Prompt also.

If we are working in OBIEE 10g there are following four services are running to work with.
1. Oracle BI Java Host
2. Oracle BI Server
3. Oracle Presentation Server
4. Oracle BI Scheduler
so In this post, we are going to know how to start/stop services using command prompt

To open command prompt there are two ways
1. Start, point to All programs, point to Accessories, and then click Command Prompt
2. Start -> Select 'Run' -> Type 'cmd' and click 'OK'
So the command prompt window will be opened. 

Start the Services:
Type the below command to start the BI Services in command prompt
Syntax: C:\ net start service_name
E.g.  C:\ net start "Oracle BI Java Host"
        C:\ net start "Oracle BI Server"
        C:\ net start "Oracle BI Presentation Server"
        C:\ net start "Oracle BI Scheduler"

Stop the Services:
Type the below command to stop the BI Services in command prompt
Syntax: C:\ net stop service_name
E.g. C:\ net stop "Oracle BI Java Host"
       C:\ net stop "Oracle BI Server"
       C:\ net stop "Oracle BI Presentation Server"
       C:\ net stop "Oracle BI Scheduler"

Refer the below screenshot for reference:

*  Through command prompt we are not having any option to restart the services
If the service name is single word or not having space then we can type the command   
   without quotes
    E.g. C:\ net start mysql
*  command is not case-sensitive, so we can write command like below also
     C:\net start "oracle bi server"
*  There are two more option like 'pause' and continue'. Pause will help us to pause the 

    service and continue will help us to resume the paused services.
    E.g. C:\ net pause mysql
           C:\ net continue mysql

Happy Blogging,

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