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Thursday 14 February 2019

How to download Oracle Software directly in Servers using file | How to download using file

I often wonder that how do we download GB size of oracle softwares and move it server and Install the same until I get to know how simple is that downloading any size of software using shell script file directly in server.

Steps are very Simple. But as a first thing, Create/Have an Oracle account for You!


Either Oracle eDelivery or, get the file for the software that you would like to download

Download .sh and move the file to server where you want to download.

Open shell scripts or command prompt just run the below command

[$] ./
enter your username: + enter
[type your password] + enter

i. Enter the same username and password which you used to download the software
ii. After entering the username, just enter it 
iii. Second line will be blank but enter the oracle account password and click enter
iv. Check if you have proper privileges with read+write+execute permission in the target directory             when you are downloading.

If it is a bigger a software then it would take sometime based on the network speed in server and will complete the download.

Happy Blogging!

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