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Wednesday 14 March 2012

Step by Step Installation of OBIEE 10g

Browse the source file folder server-> Oracle_Business_Intelligence -> setup.exe. Click on setup.exe file which you will give the screen like below:
Before Installing, make sure that your hardware and memory of the system is enough to install OBIEE 10g. If you want know the hardware requirement of the system refer the below document
At least of 2GB disk memory is needed to continue the installation.
Browse the disk and select the folder that where you want in install otherwise leave it to the default location if the memory is available in the drive.

In the 3rd screen select the installation type that which you want to install. If you want to install all the components of OBIEE then select ‘Complete’ and click ‘Next button.

By passing the above screen we will get the below screen there we have to give JDK location and Administrator password of the OC4JAdmin and click ‘Next’ Button. Please remember the password of OC4JAdmin, because it will be used when you will open the enterprise manager.
In the next screen just click ‘Next’ Button
From the below screen we can choose the language which you want to see the presentation error message. By default the language is ‘English’
By passing the above step we will get the summary of what are all components going to be installed. Just click ‘Next’ Button

By passing the above step the installation of OBIEE components will start. Wait for some time because it is time taken process.                                  
Wait with the above screen until you will get 100% finished and the ‘Next’ button will be enabled. It will come the below screen

By clicking the ‘Next’ button you will come to the below which is giving the summary of installation. From below window you can learn how to start OC4J by manually and automatically.
By clicking ‘Next’ with the above screen you have come to the end of the installation which will be asked for restart your computer. Just restart your system to set the component. After restarted your system check all the components are installed in your machine in ‘All Programs’.


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