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Thursday 15 March 2012

Creating Multiple Presentation Service in OBIEE 10g

Hi All,
Through this post we will know how to deploy another presentation server for another rpd. We can take this post as continuation of the previous post.
It is good to know that the components of the OBIEE stack as what we’re doing is unsupported and undocumented in parts, so you need to be able to diagnose and reason through issues you may get:
BI Server (NQServer) – the Analytics server. Uses the RPD to build queries to send to the database.
Presentation Services (sawserver) – This takes the submission of queries from Answers/Dashboards and sends them by ODBC to the BI Server. It handles the rendering of the returned data.
Presentation Services Plug-in (analytics) – This is a J2EE application deployed in on an application server such as Oracle Application Server or OC4J. It handles server-side calls from the Answers or Dashboards webpage.
What we do is deploy a second instance of the Presentation Services Plug-in (analytics) and configure it to talk to a second invocation of Presentation Services (sawserver) which is run with a new configuration.
Go to All Programs -> Oracle Business Intelligence -> System Management
Open any browser and type the below comment:
The above comment will open Enterprise Manager and login with oc4jadmin user and password with the same.
Note: Only thing is 'Start OC4J' component has to be running mode and all the services has be to in up mode.

Once we entered into the Enterprise Manager go to Application tab. from there select 'analytics' tab and click  'Deploy'

from the Select Archive: Archive option screen select the option 'Archive already present on the server where Application Server Control is running' and enter the analytics.war file path location.
and in Select Arichive:Deployment option select 'Automatically Create a new deployment Plan' and click 'Next'

We will coming to the 'Application Attribute' Screen. There we have to give the Application name and Context root to whatever we want to access the new instance in the presentation server. By default the name will be 'analytics' for both. Once you entered the name click 'Next'

we will be redirected to 'Deployment Settings' screen. In this screen we do not need to change anything. Just click 'Deploy'
Once you clicked 'Deploy' the deployment of the new instance will be initiated. After the successful creation of the new instance we will get the screen like below:

Now click on the 'Return' with the above screen. It will come to home Application there we can find out the new instance which was just created.
To verify the creation go the folder Drive:\OracleBI\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications. There we can see the folder which was created very newly with name of instance.
The deployment of the new instance were finished.
By default the Listener port of the current running presentation server is 9710. you can check this in the web.xml file in the folder Drive:\OracleBI\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\analytics\analytics\WEB-INF.
So the new instance also will be created with the same port number by default.
we have to the change that value to 9711 in the new instance web.xml file.

Copy the instanceconfig.xml from below folder InstalledDrive:\OracleBIData\web\Config and save with the different name into the same folder for the purpose of another server.
Here I have saved in the name of instanceconfig2.xml and changed the entry in the file like below screenshot:
Add the listener port to 9711 and DSN name should the second OracleBI Server DSN name which we have created in the previous post and catalog path is related to the corresponding rpd.
So almost the configuration is done. Only remaining part is creation of new service for the newly created instance.
Go to All Programs -> Run -> type 'cmd'
the command prompt will open. type the below comment to create the new service for another presentation service.
sc create sawsvc2 binpath= ANALYTICSBINPATH displayname= "Oracle BI Presentation Server 2"
Once you typed the above comment, the service will be created and we will get the screen like below:
Note: with step2 we are creating new instanceconfig.xml file for another presentation service to refer. so keep that in mind the service name is case sensitive. Using the we have to configure ANALYTICSBINPATH  with above created service.

In this step we are going to configure the correct bin path for the above created service.
Go to All Programs -> Run -> type regedt32.
The registry editor window will open.
Browse the following location to get the newly created 'sawsvc2' service.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\sawsvc2 and in the right side pan of the window we will get the properties of the service. from that edit ImagePath and change with the below comment:
“C:\OracleBI\web\bin\sawserver.exe” /service /c c:\OracleBIData\web\config\instanceconfig2.xml
Now close the registry editor and start the newly created "Oracle BI Presentation Server2" service from services.
Now you can login into the another presentation services with the below link:
In Previous post we configured how to open two rpd samplesales and paint in the same time in machine.
In this post we have deployed new instance for another presentation service. So now we can open samplesales catalog and paint catalog in the same time in a server.

Hope this information is helpful!!!

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