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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Stopping and Starting BI Services in BI 11g

Like OBIEE 10g, we can start, stop or restart any single BI Service or all the services. But in OBIEE 11g these activities are controlled by Enterprise Manager.
Login into Enterprise Manager using any supported browser by entering link like below:
http://machine-name:<Port Number>/em
e.g http://localhost:7001/em

Once you logged into the Enterprise Manager (EM) click on the Business Intelligence from left side pane and select core application from this folder.

Now go to  Capacity Management -> Availability. There we can see the running services. By selecting on a particular service or by selecting appropriate options we can start, stop or restart any single BI service or all the BI Services.
For your reference the screen shot is like below:

We can start/restart/stop all the BI Services by selecting the corresponding options in the 'Availability' window. Otherwise go to 'Overview' tab which is available beside 'Capacity Management, there we can restart all the services in one click.
If you have been installed BI 11g with auto port configuration then 7001 is default port number to login into enterprise manager or weblogic console and If you have been installed with manual port configuration then you have to login into the EM or Console with corresponding port number which you have given when you were installing BI 11g.

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