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Thursday 12 December 2013

Adding Database Hints to your reports to improve OBIEE performance

1. There is no option to add database hints at the presentation level (i.e. Answers), however, you can set 'hints' in the repository for each physical table. You can do this by opening up the properties of the physical table and entering the hint (without '/*' and ' */') in the "Hint" field.

If you need different hints on the same physical table, then you can create 'aliases' of the physical table and model them separately.

2. In the connection pool, you can issue an 'ALTER SESSION' command to change a database parameter on log in.

3. You can use the 'Direct Database Request' functionality. That way, a user with the appropriate privileges can construct the request using SQL, and you can add hints to the SQL.  The drawback of this solution is that any user that needs to run the request will need to be granted the "Execute Direct Database Requests" privilege in the OBI Presentation Server Catalog ('Administration > Manage Privileges > Answers'). Also, the OBI Server Metadata "Security Manager > Permissions > Query Limits > Execute Direct Database Requests" option must be set to 'Allow' as well.

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