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Thursday 12 December 2013

Trellis View in OBIEE 11g

What Is Trellis View:
Trellis view is a new view type that presents multi-dimensional data laid out in a set of cells in a grid, with each cell displaying a subset of data shown as numbers or as graphs. The trellis view allows users to display multiple views all at once for quick comparison, and to display data that reveals trends.

1. Simple Trellis View
2. Advanced Trellis View
Simple Trellis view:
Simple Trellis. A simple trellis displays a core inner graph multiplied across row sets and column sets, rendering many small multiples that are ideal for comparing and contrasting.

Just drag some sample columns and measures in the criteria

Just check the results coming in table or Pivot Table View. In the result view go to Trellis -> select Simple
Edit the default Trellis view and arrange the column like shown in the screenshot below
Just click 'Done' with the above screen after the column arrangement and customization. we will get the below simple Trellis View. Save to finish the completing simple Trellis View. 

Advanced Trellis View:
 An advanced trellis displays a grid of small spark graphs that are ideal for monitoring trends and spotting patterns in a data set.
An simple trellis view is only allow us to create with single style for the selected columns and rows. But Advanced type is having the visualization option which will allow us to create separate visualization for each measure.

Go to New View -> Select Trellis -> Select Advanced. Arrange the columns that which way you want to see results.
Here I have selected Sparkle Bar for 'Actual Unit Price' and Number for Actual Target Price.
 Once with the editing save the View. The result should be like below:


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