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Sunday 1 September 2013

Step by Step installation of Oracle Client in Windows 7

I am giving here the complete step by step installation of  Oracle Client 32bit installation in Windows7 64 bit machine environment. If you are planning to install oracle client in windows machine this post will help you install completely.

Step 1: 
Download oracle client software from oracle site and unarchive the zip file and click on setup.exe from the unarchived client folder

Step 2: 
Oracle Universal Installer starts to initiate the installation with the below screen
Step 3:
Actually from here actual only actual installation steps begins. Select the type as per your needs. Here I am having the master database installed in another machine in the network so going with 'Administrator' installation to have a complete installation and features of Oracle Client
Step 4:
Select the languages support you need to be have with this installation. Here I have selected all the languages.
Step 5: 
This step is an important step in Oracle Client Installation. If you are having database installed already in the machine and if you are installing oracle Client also on the same machine then It will select the same path where database is installed automatically.

I suggest always to create a separate folder and Install it in separate place to differentiate database and client easily.
Step 6:
once you clicked with 'Next' button with above screen, we will get the below screen. With this screen we have the button 'Save Response File' to save the installation details in a file and then Click 'Finish'
Step 7:
Once we clicked 'Finish' with above screen installation of client starts and It takes a while to install all the necessary files and details in folder.
Step 8:
After successful completion of installation we will be getting below screen. Just click 'Close' to complete installation.

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