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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Right Click Problem "Creating New Data Server in ODI 11g"

I have installed Oracle Data Integrator 11g (ODI successfully my laptop. But I couldn't create New Data Server for my new project. So here is the problem and solution.

when we are trying to create New Data Server on right clicking in Physical Architecture in Topology Manager, We may be surprised because It doesn't respond and problem looks very odd.

The solution is simple but weird, Refer Step1 and step2 for the solution below:


Open ODI Studio -> Select 'Topology Manager' -> Expand Physical Architecture and select the database type which you want to create new data server

Instead of right clicking on "Oracle", Just click on the "+" symbol which is used to to expand the database type. ( For your reference, I have indicated in the red box in the above screenshot)
After clicking on the "+" symbol, we will get the right click option to create 'New Data Server".
 Simple!!! Isn't it??!!



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