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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Use Image to Return to Home Page in BI 11g

Recently I have come through an small work Which I want to fix Home  Image and I have to return to Home Page of dashboard by Clicking an Image. By clicking the Links which I have fixed in my Main Dashboard page I went to detailed Report Page. Now I have to fix Home image in the detailed report page to return to Home. So below is the step how I have solved.

Edited the Dashboard Page Where I have detailed report and added the 'Link or Image' dashboard object on top the Page and clicked the properties of 'Link or Image'. The screen is shown below:
From 'Link or Image' properties window I have not added any caption because instead of caption I need to put Home Image.
Destination: I have copied the Home Page dashboard link from address bar when I was there and pasted here. for there we have one more way 'Analysis or Dashboard'. For second option we can browse the Home dashboard page from saved folder and fix it.
Target: I want to display the report in the same window by clicking this action and 
            I do not want to go to 'New Window.
Image: I have retrieved the image using fmap.
          (If want to know more about fmap in obiee 11g click here
Finally clicked 'OK' with the below screen.
Now Save the Dashboard page and Click 'Run'. We are coming to the page where we have fixed Home Image. Now the Image will act like a link and we can click on that image It will take to the dashboard page where the link we have mentioned as Destination.
Here is one more interested thing We can do:
Problem: We have to fix an Image in a Dashboard Page and By clicking on the image we have to go just Previous page we have viewed
Solution: Solution is same like above it but this time with the 'Text' Object.
Step1: Edit Dashboard page where you want to fix the image
Step2: Drag the 'Text' dashboard object to that page in which place you want to 
Step3: Open the Text Properties and select the option 'Contains HTML Markup'
Step4: Copy the below script and paste into the space and click 'Preview' button 
           from  below space:
<a href="javascript:history.back()"><img src="res/s_blafp/images/report_household.jpg" />
Step5: Close the Text properties window and save the dashboard page and click 
Step6: Now we can see an Image on the dashboard page where we fixed. Now we 
           can go the previous page we have viewed by clicking on that image.


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