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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Upgrade samplesales from OBIEE to OBIEE Using Upgrade Assistant

I am here posting how to upgrade the existing samplesales application from OBIEE 10g to OBIEE using Upgrade Assistant.

1. Have access to or have installed Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 
2. Copy samplesales related files (rpd, web catalog and source files) from your 
    OBIEE 10g machine or download here
3. Keep the rpd, web catalog and source xml files in a separate folder or download 
    from the above link  and unzip the file and save it in a folder D:\samplesales.

Make sure that you have installed OBIEE 11g in your machine and configured it correctly. When we are running Upgrade Assistance, OBIEE 11g has to be in running mode.

Step1: As I explained before download the source data from samplesales with the above link or from the link: Samples Sales Source Download 

Step2: Save the downloaded file D:\samplesales and unzip the file, we will get the following four files.

3. samplesales.rpd
4. sample_Sales_Readme.txt

Further create samples_sales_dataset folder in D:\samplesales folder and move and unzip the file into that folder
Create sample_sales_webcat folder in D:\samplesales folder and move file and unzip the file into that folder.

Step3: Create the new folder called 'deliveries' into the folder D:\samples\sample_sale_webcat so now two directories are available into that folder.
1. deliveries directory
2. unzipped samplesales webcatalog directory

The directory is called deliveries by default and is located in the OracleBIData\web\catalog directory. In many cases, the 10g directory is empty. If the 10g deliveries directory is not available, any empty directory named deliveries can be given for upgrade. If Upgrade Assistant finds a directory called deliveries in the same folder as the catalog, it is selected by default.

Step4: contains a sample set of data in XML format for display in Oracle BI dashboards. To make this data available for queries, extract to the following location:
Drive:<BI11gHome>\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBIServerComponent\ coreapplication_obis1\server\Sample
The extraction will create a new directory named samplesales with a set of XML files. Please notice that you must create the two directories server\Sample to maintain the relative paths for all of the XML files in the repository. In this example, the data set is extracted to:
C:\OBIEE11g\instances\instance\bifoundation\OracleBIServerComponent\coreapplication_obis\server\ Sample\samplesales

So with the above step we are coming to end of source setup for upgrade.

To upgrade the Sample Sales repository and presentation catalog, perform the following steps by using the Upgrade Assistant. Please note that the WebLogic Administration Server and the Managed Server in the 11g environment must remain running during the upgrade process.

Step5: Start the upgrade assistant by double clicking on ua.bat file from the following location: C:\OBIEE11g\Oracle_BI1\bin\ua.bat
It will start the utility after shown the log location like below screen shot:
We will get welcome screen. Click 'Next' from below screen:
Step6: On the specify operation screen select 'Upgrade oracle BI RPD and Presentation Catalog' and click 'Next' with the screen.
Step7: In the specify source details screen select 'Upgrade Repository (RPD) and select 'Upgrade Catalog' Now all the text boxes are opened. Enter the details in the boxes like below:

Enter the details for the 10g RPD:
RPD File: Browse the RPD file from D:\samplesales from the path which we have download and saved.
Administration User Name: Enter 'Administrator' i.e password of the selected RPD
Administrator Password: Enter 'Administrator'

Enter the password which will be secure the upgraded 11g RPD:
Password: Enter 'Admin123'
Confirm Password: Admin123

Upgrade Catalog:
Catalog Directory: D:\samplesales\sample_sales_webcat\samplesales
Catalog Deliveries Directory: D:\samplesales\sample_sales_webcat\deliveries (This path will be selected automatically once the catalog directory is selected.
Enter the correct combination of password which you are entering into securing upgraded 11g RPD otherwise when we are clicking 'Next' with the above screen we will get error like below screen
Step8: On the specify weblogic server screen, Weblogic connection details as per your BI 11g installed detail:
Port: 7001
User Name: weblogic
Password: Admini123
After entered the details in the corresponding fields click 'Next' with the below screen:

Step9: On the Examining Components screen, wait until you see a succeeded message. During the examination process, Upgrade Assistant checks whether the source directory exists, the source directory is readable, and contains a file for upgrade.
Click 'Next' to continue with the below screen:
Step10:On the Upgrade Summary screen, review the summary of the upgrade to be performed.
Step11: Click 'Upgrade' and wait until the upgrading components to be finished and status will be show 'Succeeded' after successful migration.
When the upgrade completes the status changes to succeeded. If there are errors during the upgrade, inspect the log files for details. The log files are located in  <BI_ORACLE_HOME>\upgrade\logs\ua<timestamp>.log where <timestamp> is the current date and time. You can also check the component log files in directories organized by component under <ORACLE_INSTANTANCE>\diagnostics\logs.
Click 'Next' with the below screen: 
 Step12: On the Upgrade Success screen, review information related to the upgrade task and click Close.

Post Upgradation checks:
1. Go to the below location to check the upgraded samplesales repository is available 

2. Go the below location to check the upgraded samplesales webcatalog is available

3. Go to the below location to verify the source xml files are copied to the correct path

4. Open Enterprise manager by using the link http://machinename:7001/em
after successful upgradation of samplesales.
Go to Business Intelligence -> Core Application -> Deployment tab -> Repository tab
We can see the samplesales rpd and webcatalog is updated here automatically after upgradation

5.Open Administration tool of BI 11g to check the samplesales.rpd is upgraded and changed as default repository.
All Programs -> Oracle Business Intelligence -> BI Administration
From Administration Tool go to File -> open -> open rpd online and give repository password 'Admin123'
User Name: Administrator
Password : Administrator
It will open the samplesales repository in online mode.

6. Go to Manage -> Variable in Administration Tool. It will open variable manager windows. There select BI_EE_HOME static variable and change the value of the variable in Default Initializer  from default value 'D:\OracleBI' to 'C:\OBIEEto11g\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBIServerComponent\coreapplication_obis1'

7. Delete 'test1' system Initialization block which will be not used anymore with this application.

8. Go to Manage -> Identity and delete BI Adminstration group which will be not used anymore in BI 11g and close the Identity manager window and save the repository.

9.Now go the enterprise manager to restart the BI services and login into the Presentation services for the samplesaes dashboard.

Happy Blogging!

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