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Thursday 26 April 2012

'No Results' View in BI

In BI 10g, we are having separate view called 'No Results' to display the custom Message if the specified criteria or conditions is not meeting.

 For Example I am taking simple Product, Product Type, Revenue from sample sales. I am displaying only top 10 products in my report and filter 'Product' is having all the types. So If we are selecting any product which is not in the report, It will give empty layout. Instead of Empty layout we can replace with view with some custom message using 'No Results' View.

How do you use 'No Results' in BI 11g? So here I am giving how I have created no results for sample report.

Login into the presentation services and select New -> Analysis -> select Subject Are 'Sample Sales Lite' and select Product, Product Type from Product Dimension folder and Revenue from Base facts Fact table from Subject Area.
After that Click Filter from product Column properties and select some products for sample and save it in any name. 
Before saving the report click on 'Edit Analysis Properties' in the criteria tab (Screen1). Refer the below screenshot or Click 'Edit Analysis Properties' in the Results tab (screen1)

Once we clicked on 'Edit Analysis Properties', we will get Analysis Properties window. In this window in 'Result Display' tab select 'Display Custom Message' instead of Display Default Message in No Results settings and write your own comment in 'Message' Space which we need to display in the report and Click 'OK' and save the report.

Now come to the Dashboard. I am displaying the Product filter and the report which we have created just above. It is display the report for the products which we have added in the filter.
Now select any Product from filter which is not in the report and click 'Apply' in the prompt. It will display the 'No Results' view with the same message what we have created.



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