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Friday 4 December 2020

Exporting and Importing BAR file OBIEE

We have an utility to export OBIEE Catalog, RPD, security model and all other relevant objects to be exported into a .bar file and the same could be imported if we have to migrate to any other environment or as a backup. Please follow the below steps for the same.

Upto, We have export_service_instance and import_service_instance command but those commands are deprecated and introduced exportarchive and importarchive.

Exporting BAR File in OBIEE 12c:


1. Make sure that the below environment variables are set:

ORACLE_HOME=/obiee12c (where OBIEE installed)
DOMAIN_HOME=/obiee12c/user_projects/domains (Where domain is located)

2. Run the below command with


[DOMAIN_HOME]/bitools/bin/ ssi <Bar file name>.bar encryptionpassword=<password>


[DOMAIN_HOME]/bitools/bin/ ssi /obiee12c/backup/ encryptionpassword='Admin123'


Encryption password is optional. If you are chosen with password, you have to use the same while importing

Importing BAR File in OBIEE 12c:


The |. cmd command is deprecated in OBI 

With, use the (Linux) | importarchive.cmd (for windows) command.

You may use the -h switch for syntax

[DOMAIN_HOME]/bi/bitools/bin/ -h

USAGE : <service instance key> <location of bar file to import> [nodatamodel] [nocontent] [noauthorization] [nodatasets] [nosearch] [noaction] [encryptionpassword=<encryption password for connections>]
 Description         : Import bar as a service instance
 Mandatory Arguments : service instance key and location of bar file
 Optional Arguments  : exclude list of values:nodatamodel nocontent                        noauthorization nodatasets nosearch
  nodatamodel        : Do not import RPD metadata content
  nocontent          : Do not import WEBCAT metadata content
  noauthorization    : Do not import JAZN metadata content
  nodatasets         : Do not import DSS metadata content
  nosearch           : Do not import Search metadata content
  noaction           : Do not import Action metadata content
  encryptionpassword : Encryption password for connections if any 


./ ssi /obiee12c/backup/                  encryptionpassword=<password>                                        

Example:                                                            ./ ssi /obiee12c/backup/ encryptionpassword=Admin123




  1. Thanks buddy, this was very helpful to me.

  2. what is the difference between exportarchive and export service instance

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  7. Hello ,

    Thanks much for sharing this content, this worked but we see the below error. Can you please help us on this.

    Execution of operation exportArchive FAILED for RPD_Offline_FSS_Content_Plugin Status object: false



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