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Friday 1 November 2013

Opening Repository Online Using Administration Tool in Windows for Linux OBIEE

This post describes how to open repository online using OBIEE 11g Administration Tool in Windows for the Linux OBIEE. 
In this situtation, OBIEE 11g is installed in Linux machine and all we know that Administration Tool will not work in Linux. 

For the major development, we could develop reository through installed OBIEE Client in our local machine and could upload the same repository to linux server through enterprise manager. But for every minor changes, imports we no need to develop the same in local machine. We could directly open repository online using our Administration Tool from our local machine.

Here is the steps how to open repository online using Administration Tool in our local machine.

Go to Control Panel -> Administration Tool -> ODBC Source  and then select 'System DSN' tab
Click 'Add' from the above select 'Oracle BI Server1' driver and then finish with the below screen
The above step prompt the 'Oracle BI Server DSN Configuration' window.
       1. Enter DSN Name
      2. Enter OBIEE Server Host Name or IP Address
and then click 'Next'
In the next step click Login ID and Password. After entering weblogic username and password click 'Next'
With the below screen just click 'Finish' and complete the DSN configuration.
 After sucessful creation We could see DSN Name which we have created under System DSN
Now Open Administration Tool from our OBIEE Client installed in our Local machine and click open online. Now we could see the DSN which we have created in ODBC Sources. 

Here enter Repository Password and weblogic Username and Passworkd
 We could see repository opened online in Administration Tool
Points to remember:
To create the connection we have to be in local network where OBIEE Server installed or have to be connected with network atleast through VPN.

in The Next Post read How to open catalog manager for the changes for the same Env


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