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Friday 1 November 2013

Opening Catalog Manager in Windows for Linux OBIEE 11g

This post describes how to open Catalog Manager in Windows for the Linux OBIEE 11g. 
In this situtation, OBIEE 11g is installed in Linux machine and in some extent we could launch catalog manager in linux server but most of the time we could not have access to server and even if we have that to can access only via VNC or some of third party server. 

So If we want to open catalog through catalog manger, It is possible to open using our catalog manager object which is installed in our local windows machine. 

All we know the default location of the catalog manager

Online / Offline

Many of the operations that you can perform using Catalog Manager are available in both online mode and offline mode. A few operations are available in only one mode or the other. Generally, the operations available in:
  • Online mode are read-only operations and write operations that do not affect the entire catalog, such as setting permissions for an object.
  • Offline mode include most of the operations available in online mode and write functions that affect the entire catalog, such as searching for and replacing catalog text
Note: Using catalog Manager in OBIEE client, we have the privilege to catalog only in online as we couldn't directly point physical to open in offline mode.

Here is the steps how to open repository online using Administration Tool in our local machine.

Start -> All Programs -> click 'Catalog Manager' from OBIEE Client

Now Catalog Manager windows will be opened. From there click File -> Open Catalog
In the next step, we will be prompted to enter catalog path, weblogic username and password to open catalog online. Enter all the detail and click 'OK'

Link: http://hostname:9704/analytics/saw.dll
User Name: Weblogic
Passowrd: Admin123
Now we could see the catalog is opened in catalog manager.
As per my work I have assign privileges for some users to My Folder. So right click on 'My Folder' from the left side pane of catalog manager and select 'Permission'
In the next sceen we could see what are the users having access to My Folder and from that selecting 'All' and then click 'List' will list out all the other user. so from the user list we could add some user to the left side pane and the click 'OK' to apply the changes.  

Now close catalog manager and check with privileges of the new users which you altered.


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