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Wednesday 9 May 2012

OBIEE 11g: Deploy/Undeploy View in Physical Layer

Same like OBIEE 10G we can create opaque view in OBIEE 11G also. Here is screenshot and steps how to create opaque view in OBIEE 11G. If you want to know how to create view in OBIEE 10G click here Opaque view in OBIEE 10G

The steps are almost same like OBIEE 1OG. So giving the screenshot by stepwise. What is basically happening behind Deploy and Undeploy is, if we are deploying the view created in physical layer, it will create the view in the database. We could go and check the view in DB. Undeploying the same will drop the view from DB and just keep the definition in physical layer.

Deploying View:
Here I want to create a view on employee table which need to be show only Indian Employee. So I am restricting the table here itself by creating view.
Right click on Employee Table and select Properties or Double click on the table to see the properties window.
From properties windows select  Table Type:Select and write the query in the 'Default Initialization String'. After that click 'OK'.
Now save the repository
If we are looking at the employee table now It will display with different icon. Right click on the table and click 'Deploy View(s)'. Click Check out if it asked for.
Click 'OK' with the below window
 Now the view is deployed in the physical layer. Click 'Close' with the below window
Now if we are updating the row count of the table it will be shown only the result of our SQL Query.

UnDeploying View:
If we are not in the need of view which we deployed, we can undeploy the view by the straight opposite process of deploying view.

Right click on view and click 'Undeploy View(s)'
In the next screen just click 'OK'. The view will be undeployed  and will get below window. Click 'Close' with the below screen.

After you undeployed the view check the table name whether the table name is matching with source table name. If it is not then rename the table with the same name of source table name.


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