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Monday 14 May 2012

Download & Deploy - OBIEE 11g Samplesales

Hi All,
Here I am sharing the OBIEE 11g (in upgraded samplesales application.
Download the '11g Sample Sales.rar' from the Google Document Link
Please Refer the below screen to download the files:
I have upgraded the 10g samplesales application using Upgrade Assistant (ua.bat) and sharing the same to you to deploy the samplesales in 11g.
My weblogic Repository password is 'Admin123'
User Name:       Administrator
User Password: Administrator
Login with presentation services using Administrator User Name to access the dashboard with full privileges (Edit, View, Analyze and etc.,).

This zip file contains three folders
1. Repository
2. Catalog
3. Data

After downloaded the file, unzip it and  copy the repository, catalog and xml fiels files to corresponding repository, catalog and data path.

Copy the 'server' folder from downloaded zipfiles/Data folder and copy into the below path:

If you want to know how to deploy catalog and repository in OBIEE 11g, Refer here

Happy Blogging,


  1. Hi,

    Do you hard code data folder path anywhere? My installation is in drive D, but I'm getting error when want to review the results. In the error detail it points to drive C.
    Please explain

    Thanks in advance

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