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Sunday 11 October 2020

[nQSError: 13042] Repository password is wrong in OBIEE 12c


On Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 12c, Below error occurs while uploading RPD in OBIEE 12c environment, even though RPD password is correct and can be opened with same password in offline mode.

[nQSError: 13042] Repository password is wrong

Issue 1. After uploading the RPD, if we download and try to open offline, we will get the same issue of 'Repository Password is Wrong'

Issue 2. If we are validating with command then also, we will get the same issue and will not be able to open the RPD.

Issue 3. obieerpdpwdchange utility also would not help in resetting or opening the rpd.

Issue 4. We would be able to open the RPD online but the same wouldnot be able to open if we download and try to open offline.

(Doc ID 2721582.1)

After uploading new rpd, Unable to open a downloaded rpd in offline mode in admin client tool

"Logon Failed" message is displayed and following error shown in the admin log:

----NQSAdminTool.log -------------------------

[OBIS] [NOTIFICATION:1] Opening call for File=C:\xxx\xxx\xxx.rpd, LogicalName: OfflineRepository
[OBIS] [ERROR:1] [tid: xxx]  [nQSError: 13042] Repository password is wrong. [[
file: server\objectmodel\Src\SOPersistRp.cpp; line: 672


This issue is due to known internal Bug: Bug 29376866 - RFA : WRONG PASSWORD ERROR IN ADMIN TOOL AFTER DOWNLOADRPD


Follow the steps to fix the issue:

Step1: Open the RPD in online Mode and save the RPD suing copy as option to have working repository copy.

Step 2: Login to EM->Weblogic Domain->Security->Credentials->>metadata.encryption->Edit->password =>update the same password.

Step 3: Upload the working version of RPD and then Download.

Step 3: Try opening the RPD in offline mode.

Cheers! Bose

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