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Wednesday 14 August 2019

Automated Cache purging in OBIEE 12c

In this post We are going to create a shell script which will purge all the cache in OBIEE. This file could  be scheduled in a cronjob OR added in informatica or ODI to run everyday once all the loads are completed or Run manually whenever you would like to run.

Step1: Create purgecache.txt file like below


call SAPurgeAllcache()

Step2: Create a shell script to call the above file and clear the purge.


#purgeCache12c file is created for clearing BI 12c cache#

#File Name -


#OBIEE12c Home Location

export MW_HOME=/OBIEE12c

#Location of the Purgecache script file

export SCRIPT_PATH=/OBIEE12c/scripts/purgeCache

# Timestamp for Log file creation

TIME_STAMP=`date '+%Y%m%d_%H%M'`

#Log File directory and filename creation

export LOG_FILE=$SCRIPT_PATH/purgecache_${TIME_STAMP}.log

#Mail Group that you want to send (Optional)


#Command to clear BI Server Cache

$MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/bi/bitools/bin/ -d AnalyticsWeb -u weblogic -p weblogicpwd -s $SCRIPT_PATH/purgecache.txt -o $LOG_FILE;

# Finding Purge cache Line Count for Cache Clear success or Fail

line_cnt=`cat $SCRIPT_PATH/purgecache.txt|wc -l`

SUCCESS_FLG=`grep -E 'Operation SAPurgeAllCache succeeded' $LOG_FILE|wc -l`;

if [ $SUCCESS_FLG = $line_cnt ]


        echo "Cache Cleared Successfully " >> $LOG_FILE

        echo `hostname` >> $LOG_FILE

        mailx -s "Cache Clearance Successful on `hostname`" $MAIL_LIST < $LOG_FILE


        echo "Cache clearance Failed" >> $LOG_FILE

        mailx -s "Cache Clearance Failed on `hostname`" $MAIL_LIST << EOT

        GCWUAT Cache clearance Failed, please verify



#Command to Delete the log files which is older than 5 days

find $SCRIPT_PATH/ -name "*.log" -type f -mtime +2 -exec rm -rf {} \;



MW_HOME environment variable value should be updated based on you BI 12c environment.

You can test this script file by running manually once in your environment by the below command.


Happy Blogging!



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