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Tuesday 2 October 2018

Go URL in OBIEE 12c

When we are trying to use Go URL functionality, It always comes to login page.

Why is it happening?
With 12c, A new feature called Light Weight SSO has been introduced. 

When this feature is enabled, using "NQUser"/"NQPassword" in the URL is not possible or supported.
Lightweight SSO is implemented by default in new installations of Oracle BI EE release

Disabling the Lightweight SSO will help us to overcome this issue and Report/Dashboard with Go URL will just fine without going to login page.

Steps to Disable Lightweight SSO:

Stop all the BI Services. Go to the link to know Stop and Start BI 12c Services

After stopping the BI Services, Go to the following path and execute WLST offline


execute the 'disableBISingleSignOn' command to disable.

wls:/offline> disableBISingleSignOn('/path to your domain')

wls:/offline> disableBISingleSignOn('$ORACLE_BI_HOME/user_projects/domains/bi')

Now Start all the BI Services using ./ (Linux) or Start.cmd (Windows) and check with the Go URL. 


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