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Monday 2 January 2012

OBIEE 11g Architecture and Its Components

OBIEE 11g Architecture is shown in the below two pictures. This pictures are taken from Oracle Document and shown here for reference. 
This Architecture shows all the component of OBIEE with Enterprise Installation.

Oracle Business Intelligence system architecture on a single-host

Oracle Business Intelligence System Logical Architecture (Two Hosts)

About Java Components:
Java components are deployed as one or more Java EE applications and are described in the following list:

Administrative Components — Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console, Fusion Middleware Control, and JMX MBeans for managing all configuration and run-time settings for Oracle Business Intelligence.

Oracle BI Publisher — This component provides an enterprise reporting solution for authoring, managing, and delivering all types of highly formatted documents to employees, customers, and suppliers

Oracle BI for Microsoft Office — This component provides the integration between Oracle Business Intelligence and Microsoft Office products.

Oracle BI Action Services — This component provides the dedicated Web services that are required by the Action Framework and that enable an administrator to manually configure which Web service directories can be browsed by users when they create actions.

Oracle Real-Time Decisions (Oracle RTD) — This component provides enterprise analytics software solutions that enable companies to make better decisions in real time at key, high-value points in operational business processes.

Oracle BI Security Services — This component provides dedicated Web services that enable the integration of the Oracle BI Server with the Oracle Fusion Middleware security platform.

Oracle BI SOA Services — This component provides dedicated Web services for objects in the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog, to invoke analyses, agents, and conditions. These services make it easy to invoke Oracle Business Intelligence functionality from Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) processes.

Oracle BI Presentation Services Plug-in — This component is a JEE application that routes HTTP and SOAP requests to Oracle BI Presentation Services.

About BI System Components:
System components are deployed as non-JEE components, such as processes and services written in C++ and J2SE, and are described in the following list:

Oracle BI Server — This component provides the query and data access capabilities at the heart of Oracle Business Intelligence and provides services for accessing and managing the enterprise semantic model (stored in a file with an .RPD extension).

Oracle BI Presentation Services — This component provides the framework and interface for the presentation of business intelligence data to Web clients. It maintains an Oracle BI Presentation Catalog service on the file system for the customization of this presentation framework.

Oracle BI Scheduler — This component provides extensible scheduling foranalyses to be delivered to users at specified times. (Oracle BI Publisher has itsown scheduler.)

Oracle BI JavaHost — This component provides component services that enable Oracle BI Presentation Services to support various components such as Java tasks for Oracle BI Scheduler, Oracle BI Publisher, and graph generation. It also enables Oracle BI Server query access to Hyperion Financial Management and Oracle OLAP data sources.

Oracle BI Cluster Controller — This component distributes requests to the BI Server, ensuring requests are evenly load-balanced across all BI Server process instances in the BI domain.

BI System Architecture - Single host and Simple Install:
The architecture for the Simple Install type is similar to that of the Enterprise Install type, with the differences that are outlined in the following list:
1. The Node Manager is not installed.
2. All components that are part of the Managed Server in an Enterprise Install type are 
    instead part of the Administration Server. The Managed Server is not installed.


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