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Thursday 6 August 2020

OAS (Oracle Analytics Server) and OAC - The Next Gen OBIEE is Here

After OBIEE 12c release, Oracle is keenly looking for cloud solutions and released OAS and OAC.

OAS is more like a in-place installation OBIEE Version which is available for download and can be installed in in-place servers or cloud server.

Otherwise, We could go for Oracle based Cloud version (OAC) of OBIEE.

Here is you can download OAS:

Step by step guide by Rittman-Mead:

Here is a Oracle Blog for OAS Installation;

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OBIEE 12c to OAS Migration

 Hi All, I have migrated successfully few projects from BI 12c to OAS 6.4. If  anyone wants help then please reach Me! Cheers! Bose

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