Saturday, 5 September 2015

OBIEE Released and available for download

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OBIEE is released and available for download. Here is the link you can download the software.

OBIEE New Features for Front-End Developers and Business Users

OBIEE New Features for Systems Administrators and Developers

Will explore more in coming days.

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Friday, 1 August 2014

OBIA Documentation and Product Guide

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You can find the most important OBIA documentation at the following locations :
Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) Release Documentation Library 
Major topics :
  • Install Guide
  • Configuration Guide
  • ETL Guide
  • Administrator’s Guide
  • Security Guide
  • Release Notes
OBIA 11g: Data Lineage Documentation for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

BI Applications Data Model Reference Guide
Major Topics :
The information provided in this document includes data modeling concepts, nomenclature, table and column descriptions, and star schema diagrams. This information is useful for understanding the functional areas that are mapped in the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse.
BI Applications Content Guide
Content Guide includes following topics for BIApps
Section 1, “Oracle Business Intelligence Applications – Licenses and Products
Provides a list of all Products within Oracle Fusion BI Applications

Section 2, “Oracle Business Intelligence Applications – Dashboard
Provides a list of dashboards for each application along with their paths

Section 3, “Oracle Business Intelligence Applications – Dashboards and Reports
Provides a list of dashboards and reports for each application along with their exact paths

Section 4, “Oracle Business Intelligence Applications – All Reports
Provides a complete list of reports including those not exposed in any dashboard page

Section 5, “Oracle Business Intelligence Applications – Subject Areas
Provides a high level overview of the subject areas included in each application

Section 6, “Oracle Business Intelligence Applications – Facts & Dims by Application
Provides a list of fact and dimension relationships for each presentation catalog. The user can filter on a particular dimension table and find all its fact tables across presentation catalogs and vice versa

Section 7, “Oracle Business Intelligence Applications – Webcatalog Function Security
Provides a list of report name, path, associated users, duty/roles and permissions


Thursday, 16 January 2014

How to refresh GUIDs for OBIEE 11g ?


The purpose of this document is to provide clear steps for refreshing GUIDs in OBIEE 11g. The document also shows what to expect in the logs to confirm GUID refresh has completed successfully.


1) Stop all obiee services (opmnctl stopall) 

2) Edit presentation server instanceconfig.xml with the following - put it inside Catalog tag

3) Edit obiee server NQSconfig.INI file with the following

4) Start OBIEE services (opmnctl startall) 

5) Wait until presentation services are listed as down (opmnctl status) 

6) stop obiee services (opmnctl stopall) 

The saw log should show the following:
[2012-12-19T09:38:03.000-07:00] [OBIPS] [NOTIFICATION:1] [] [saw.subsystem.catalog.initialize.upgrade] [ecid: ] [tid: ] Starting to update Account GUIDs[[
[2012-12-19T09:38:07.000-07:00] [OBIPS] [NOTIFICATION:1] [] [saw.subsystem.catalog.initialize.upgrade] [ecid: ] [tid: ] Succeeded in updating account GUIDs from back end user population store[[

7) Edit presentation server instanceconfig.xml with the following

8) Edit obiee server NQSconfig.INI file with the following

9) Start OBIEE services (opmnctl startall) 

10) Verify OBIEE services are up (opmnctl status)



Wednesday, 15 January 2014

ADF_FACES-60097 : For more information, please see the server's error log for an entry beginning with: ADF_FACES-60096: Server Exception during PPR, #1

When I was trying to upload the latest repository (.rpd) in em, I couldn't save the changes and stopped by this error. So here is the steps what I followed to overcome this issue. Read below to know about the issue and resolve.
Applies to:
Business Intelligence Server Enterprise Edition - Version  and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.

When selecting the 'Coreapplication' within the Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) folder (under the Server farm) in Enterprise Manager the following error is generated:
ADF_FACES-60097 : For more information, please see the server's error log for an entry beginning with: ADF_FACES-60096: Server Exception during PPR, #1



The diagnostics.dmp shows the following:
[ServletContext@122564910[app:em module:/em path:/em spec-version:2.5]] Root cause of ServletException. Stream closed
1. stop all services, including WebLogic
2.Delete the instance.jspx.xml file in folder 'FMWhome\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\sysman\mds\partition1\ai\bi\mdssys\cust\user\USER_NAME'
3.  Restart the services,  The instance.jspx.xml file will be recreated.
The USER_NAME refers to the userid in your specific system. For example, weblogic or biadmin.
This solution is also documented in the following document:
<Doc ID 1303644.1> OBIEE Enterprise Manager Error: Stream Closed Server Exception during PPR, #13
Please ensure that a backup of the environment is taken beforehand.

NOTE:1303644.1 - OBIEE 11g: Error: "Stream Closed" Server Exception in Enterprise Manager during PPR, #13

If you have used the username like 'Weblogic', 'WEBLOGIC', the corresponding username folder will be created under that folder. so we could simply login into em and we could restart the services!


Thursday, 9 January 2014

ODI 11g Step by Step Installation

This post explains installation steps of Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 11g. Download the ODI software from the oracle software: ODI Download Oracle Page

Prior to the installation of ODI, It is necessary to Install Java JDK1.6 or above.

Unzip the downloaded software and double click one setup.exe. In Universal Installer screen, It may prompted for Java location to continue the installation. So copy Java path and right click on this window bar -> mark ->paste to paste the path
Just click 'Next' with the below step
If you have valid oracle support id then select second option with this step and enter the details so that the latest updates would be updated automatically. otherwise select 'Skip Software Updates' and click 'Next'
If you are installed 'OBIEE 11g' in the machine then select all the components with this step so one of step you will be prompted to select middleware home. but here I have just installing ODI without Middleware path
Once the prerequisites passed with this step click 'Next'
In this step, we could see the default path where ODI will be installed. If we want to change, we could do where we could install ODI
We have already created Repository using OBIEE 11g RCU. so select 'Skip Repository Configuration' and then click 'Next'
In this step select database type, connection string, db user name and password and then click 'Next'
In this step enter SUPERVISOR passoword 'Admin123' and then click 'Next'
In this step, work repository which we have created using RCU would be selected. If not select in this step and click 'Next'
Give the Agent Name that you want to create with this installation and then click 'Next'
Agent Name: ODIAgent
Agent Port: 20910
In this step uncheck receiving my oracle support and click 'Next'
Just click 'Yes' with this popup window
This step save ODI path details if you want or just click Install
Installation Progress
After configuration progess reached 100% click 'Next'
Just click 'Finish' the complete ODI Installation
Now go to All Programs -> Oracle -> Oracle Data Integrator -> ODI Studio and click 'Connect Respository' and enter details like below screen
We have connected with ODI Repository in ODI Studio


ODI Master and Work Repository Creation Using RCU (OBIEE 11g)

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Installation steps are now more easy with Repository Creation Utility (RCU). Double click RCU.bat from the downloaded and unzipped RCU Folder.

Oracle Universal Installer checks prerequisites and system requirements and will load the first step of the installation. Just click 'Next' with the Below Screen
Select 'Create' and click 'Next' with this screen.
In this step, type all the necessary details in the required fields and click 'Next' with this step

Database Type: Oracle Database
Host Name: Bose-PC
Port: 1521
Service Name: ORCL
UserName: sys
Password: Password1
This step will check the prerequisites. Just click 'OK' once the prerequisites passes
In this step check 'Oracle Data Integrator' Component. Type if you want to change the prefix and repository name.
Once we clicked 'Next' with the above screen It will check prerequisites and click 'OK' with the below screen
Give the password which you want to give for ODI Work and Master repositories. If you want to give different password, select the appropriate option and click 'Next'
This step is an important step so Please keep in your mind or store somewhere all the credentials and details in a file which you are entering here and then click 'Next'

Master Repository ID(001): 001
Supervisor Password: Admin123
Confirm Supervisor Password: Admin123
Work Repository Type: D
Work Repository ID: 101
Work Repository Name: WORKREP01
Work Repository Password: Admin123
Confirm Work Repository Password: Admin123

This step will gives the information of ODI Schema name, schema owner and temporary tablespace name. Just Click 'Next' with this step
In this confirmation pop-up, Just click 'OK'
This will create the tablespace and click 'OK' once the steps passes
In this step, click 'Create'
so ODI Schema creation is completed with the above step. Just click 'Close' to complete the repository creation.
In the next coming post, we will continue to the ODI Installation using this ODI repositories.


OBIEE Released and available for download

Hi All, OBIEE is released and available for download. Here is the link you can download the software.