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Sunday 14 October 2018

Creating Impersonated User in OBIEE 12c

Here is the steps to create Impersonate Users:

Please create the user in console to which you want to apply impersonator 

  • From the Weblogic Domain menu, select Security.
  • Click Application Policies.

  • Click Application Policies.
  • Click Create to display the Create Application Grant page.

  • In the Permissions section, click + Add .
  • Select Resource Types
  • Select from the Resource Type list.
  • Click Continue to display the Add Permission dialog.
  • Enter an asterisk (*) in the Resource Name field and click Next

  • Select impersonate in the Permission Actions section.
  • Click Select.

  • Now add a new grantee.
  • In the Grantee section click + Add to display the Add Principal dialog.

  • We can choose to grant the newly created permission to either an application role or a user. In this example, we choose a user.
  • Select User from the drop-down list.

   Here I have selected the user BIImpersonatorUser that I have created in console. 


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